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Namaste friends

We're all just wandering souls searching for a place that feels like home, but sometimes we need someone to hold our hand and guide us there.
Here at Psychic Ohmasis, we specialize in the following:

  • Intuitive Tarot Readings 

  • Astrology

  • Personalized Guided Meditations

  • Life and/or Spiritual Guidance

Kindly book a consultation session with one of our advisors to see where you are at and how to move forward in life, let us teach you how to take back your power so that you can live your best life.

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Hi I'm Bibi, I've been in tune with my intuition from a very young age and now greatly guided and supported by those who walk with me to do what I was called to do.
Together we will find the root cause of your situation and determine the solutions to get a better understanding of the challenges that you are facing and what you can do to move forward.



Hello, I am Kai.
My goal is to guide you to find your own hidden magic - so that you may live your life full of abundance. Together you and I will delve deeper, explore and understand the spiritual wounds that you’re currently carrying with you and heal them by means of tarot cards, angel healing and guided messages from your spirit guides.

Client Testimonials

Ever growing gratitude²

You guys changed my outlook on life. Thank you so much. I am much more positive after my session.


Hi guys, thank you for the reading, it was so accurate, almost like you know me personally. Thank you very much, I have received a lot of messages. 



*PSYCHIC OHMASIS, YOU ARE AMAZING" Thank you for showing me new ways and helping me cope with my current life situations. I would really recommend this website to anyone.



"You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself"

Alan Watts

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